Fundamental Treatment Principles


The Fundamental Principles of the Anna Lotan Approach to Skin Care Treatments

Anna Lotan early daysFrom the very beginning, all those years ago, our founder Ms. Anna Lotan defined a series of Fundamental Treatment Principles which became and have remained the foundation for all product research and development within the company.

  • Respect the skin and the signals it transmits!
  • A good quality product feels good!  No "miracle result" should be achieved through pain or even discomfort.
  • Follow skin physiology by offering components similar to those naturally present in the skin.
  • Respect the natural processes related to skin metabolism, rather than working against them.
  • Understand that skin physiology operates from inside out and that there is no "nourishing" from outside! However, we may use elements of skin’s metabolism (such as evaporation) to play an active role in the longer lasting performance of a product, externally applied.
  • Consciously formulate functional carriers for the products, rather than focusing on "active components".
  • Make optimal use, wherever possible, of the "healing" potential of herbs as a natural alternative to medication or chemicals.
  • Employ the principle of osmosis to influence the skin by using:
    • A hypertonic medium to accelerate waste disposal and overall cell turnover, or
    • A hypotonic medium to deeply hydrate the horny layer and prepare it for treatment.
  • Employ a  modular approach to treatment intensity.  The activity of individual treatment productsmay be modified by incorporating different supplements, raising or lowering their effect according to individual skin tolerance.
  • Avoid,  wherever possible, the use of chemical emulsifiers to generally improve skin tolerance and reduce the TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss).
  • Avoid , wherever possible, the use of chemical preservatives in final formulations (making use of freshly prepared products from instant powders; non aqueous systems; self preserving systems such as elevated mineral concentrations).
  • Respect the environment and its sustainable resources.
  • Maintain a cruelty free policy avoiding animal testing.
  • Understand that Modern Cosmetology has demonstrated that the skin is endowed with an inherent repair mechanism that may be externally triggered (with, for example, AHAs or Bio-peptides, as intra-cellular communication signals).  This mechanism can give outstanding results, but must be  used with care!


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