Our Use of Dead Sea Minerals

The unique geographical location of the Dead Sea, the concentration of salts in its waters and the unique content of those waters and salts all contribute to the Dead Sea's unique medicinal properties that have been known to man for thousands of years. 

Dead Sea Minerals

All together the sea contains over twenty one minerals which are proven to beautify the skin and keep it healthy and youthful.  Even plants growing along the shores of the sea have a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and valuable oils which are used in dermatology cosmetics and medicine. The major minerals found in the Dead Sea are also actually essential for the proper functioning of skin cells making for a healthy, beautiful skin.

The Mineral salts and mud of the Dead Sea have a unique healing and beautifying effect on the skin. By just soaking in the salty waters most people with psoriasis and other skin problems will experience relief of their skin problem. Dead Sea minerals are known to cure skin disorders by helping to strengthen the skin tissue, maintain the chemical balance of the skin, stimulate blood circulation and eliminate toxins from the skin. Dermatologists all over the world prescribe patients with Psoriasis or other skin disorders to take mineral baths in the Dead Sea. The mineral composition found in Dead Sea salt is a unique blend for the beautifying and therapeutic effect on skin.

Dead Sea Mud has theraputic propertiesHowever, to fully enjoy the benefits of these minerals, you have to actually be there, expose yourself to the unique filtered UV light and relax in the element saturated air.  Simply, transporting mud or salts elsewhere will just NOT give the same results.  UNLESS, that is, they are skillfully employed in a skin care formulation.

Why use Dead Sea mineral components in skin care? 

The skin is a semi permeable membrane that responds to osmotic pressure by either absorbing moisture or releasing waste. The minerals in Dead Sea water can act as important catalysts in the numerous metabolic processes involved.  

The careful inclusion and exploitation of Dead Sea Minerals in Skin Care formulations can be used to encourage these metabolic processes to behave in an optimal fashion for the benefit of the skin.  The concentration range required to activate need only be small.  At 0.5%, or even less, they can support cell functioning and enhance these metabolic processes. 

And, why use Dead Sea mineral components in Oily, Acne prone skin care in particular?


There is no life in the waters of the Dead Sea.  This means it is capable of killing microorganisms.  If correctly used, Dead Sea water, mud or salts offer excellent potential as natural antimicrobials for acne prone skin.  To achieve this however, the presence of Dead Sea raw materials does need to be a little more substantial.

Anna Lotan makes highly effective use of Dead Sea Minerals, but only where their use is appropriate.

So, tell me about Dead Sea Minerals and Osmotic Pressure?


Inside the body there is a physiological fluid which has a typical salinity of 0.9% (just like the saline solution that is often used in hospitals to compensate for fluid loss).

On the surface of the skin (the outside of the membrane), we can use either a higher salt concentration and create a "HYPER-tonic" fluid, such as Mediterranean sea water or Dead Sea water or, the opposite, a "HYPO- tonic" medium such as a completely salt free GEL, the kind that is used in Anna Lotan Aloe Barbadensis Gel.

The effect on the surface membrane is also opposite. The skin has a permanent tendency to try to even out the salt concentration on either side of the membrane. This creates an osmotic pressure  to “get things moving” around the skin.

Dead Sea MudSo, dipping into the salty sea means that the body fluids want to go out of the skin. From an osmotic point of view, you may say that the fluids from inside “want to go out and reduce the salinity on the outside”. This does create a slight drying effect (which you may feel shortly after swimming) but it is also energizing, because all the waste removal is also increased and the metabolism is enhanced. 

Thus, the "careful" use of Dead Sea Minerals in Skin Care products, such as the Anna Lotan CLEAR Dead Sea Bio-Peel Salvital, produces the same effect.  Osmotic pressure helps to clear impurities and promote a healthier skin. "Careful" is an important consideration however.  Just adding a heap of Dead Sea Minerals to a Skin Care product can have negative effects and cause new problems, not the least of which is overdrying the skin.

For completeness, we should also describe the the opposite osmotic effect.  In cases where a very hydrating effect is required, which is very useful after, for example, “a burn”.  During a burn, the heat causes contraction of the skin cells and the pores. They close and do not allow the permanent evaporation to take place normally – which may mean, at a time of a more serious burn – the formation of a blister.  In this case, a salt free gel, such as the Anna Lotan Alódem Soothing Mask, will try to enter through the skin’s membrane and even out the salinity on the inside.  It creates a “plumping effect” on the skin, which softens and becomes hydrated. The pores “open up” and evaporation is enabled again. The blisters do not form and the cooling effect of the gel (which acts as an artificial sweat, especially if a ventilator, or better still, an air conditioner blows cold air in its direction) means little or no pain is felt and the discomfort of the burn may very quickly disappear.

What are the Minerals found in The Dead Sea?

All together the Dead Sea contains over 21 minerals which have been proven to beautify the skin and keep it healthy and youthful.  Even plants growing along the shores of the Dead Sea have a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and valuable oils which are used in dermatology cosmetics and medicine. The major minerals found in the Dead Sea are actually essential for the proper functioning of skin cells making a significant contribution to maintaining a healthy, beautiful skin. 

Magnesium - A therapeutic mineral which helps the healing of skin tissue, acts as an antiallergenic agent on the skin, improves cell metabolism,  stimulates protein synthesis and facilitates energy production.

Bromine - Soothes your skin with anti-inflammatory properties, calms and relaxes muscles and calms skin nerves.

Iodine - improves functioning of the thyroid gland and helps the skin cells' metabolic exchanges.

Sulfur - Is a known therapeutic mineral. It contains certain essential vitamins and is a natural disinfectant and antibacterial agent - thus making it effective against acne. It has also been shown effective in helping relieve symptoms of skin disorders such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Potassium - is a key moisture regulator and helps preserve a neutral skin environment. Signs of potassium deficiency include abnormally  dry skin and acne as well as flare ups of Psoriasis.

Calcium - is the building block for corrective tissue under the skin's surface and plays an important role in cell protection. It regulates cell membrane permeability (absorption and oil production) and normalizes skin cells' differentiation.

Sodium - this Dead Sea mineral improves the skin cells metabolism, relieves muscle cramps and stiffness while maintaining a neutral environment within skin cells.

Zinc - This mineral is important for the natural regulation of cell growth and regeneration.  It also facilitates cell renewal and stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis (renews skin). A great antioxidant this mineral is a free radicals scavenger. It also improves sebo-regulation (anti-acne properties), anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural UV ray blocker.

Strontium - has effective anti-itching properties, reduces the signs of irritant contact dermatitis (a common problem for those with sensitive skin who regularly use cosmetics)

Manganese - Well known for powerful antioxidant properties out of all minerals. It also increases skin microcirculation (which promotes better anti-aging effects) and improves the condition of connective tissues.

Lithium - this Dead Sea mineral increases the effectiveness of bath salt treatment for psoriasis.

Boron - replenishment of the Boron mineral helps to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. 

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