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Experience Anna Lotan Professional Care

The Anna Lotan Professional Experience allows skin care professionals to gain a "Hands On" introduction to Anna Lotan quality and value by demonstrating different Anna Lotan Treatment Protocols for particular skin types.

Each kit includes an easy, step by step treatment guide, product directions and sufficent product to perform three full facials.


If you are a skin care professional who would be interested in introducing your clients to the Anna Lotan Experience, we would very much like to explore how we can help you add Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care to your treatment portfolio.

~"The contents and packaging is beautiful, so well thought out, with benefits, ingredients, protocols
and use listed with clarity.  Love it and ready to try everything.  Thanks, Cathy ..... GA USA"~ 

As a first step, so that you too can fully appreciate the exceptional quality and value of Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care, we would like to send you a free evaluation package, with our compliments, your very own  Anna Lotan Experience.


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