Caring for Fragile Skin

How does Anna Lotan Care for Fragile Skin ?


Fragile, Couperose skin is a condition where the skin appears red due to the presence of small, dilated red blood vessels visible on the face. It is similar to Rosacea in that individuals with either condition are left with a prolonged red complexion, thus making redness a defining factor of both.  However, despite their similar appearances, the conditions themselves differ enough to be separated into different categories. Always consult a dermatologist to have your condition properly diagnosed for appropriate treatment.

Couperose is more common in people with thin or weak elasticity of the capillary walls of their skin. In normal skin, capillaries expand to accommodate the increase in blood flow  whenever there is a sudden rush of blood to the face, contracting and returning to a normal state afterwards. 

Weakened capillaries have no problem expanding. However, they are not strong enough to return to their normal state. These capillaries remain dilated, making them appear defined and ultimately leaving a lingering redness of complexion. 

Athough there may be a genetic predisposition to this condition, the Couperose condition can occur in dry, combination and oily skin types.  All are particularly sensitive and reactive to environmental issues and to heat, alcohol, diet and smoking. 

The primary goal of an effective care program for this condition should be based around strengthening the walls of the capillaries, with soothing, cooling products. In the short term, soothing and cooling the skin will relieve the redness and the discomfort which commonly occurs with it.  Essentially, hypotonic gels are the optimal choice

In terms of cosmetic treatments, one should avoid harsh actions such as Abrasive peels, Heat related treatments, Occlusive preparations and Metabolic stimulation.  The wide use of Astringents – usually popular for this condition - has proven to be too demanding for “tired”, fragile capillaries.

For longer lasting improvement, the use of an AHA based care regimen is recommended. Gradual skin renewal will enhance regeneration and thickening of the epidermis, thus diminishing the visibility of capillaries. And, any such care must be accompanied by the daily use of broad spectrum protection. 

Additionally, reducing stress, whenever possible, is always helpful. And, one should try to avoid lifestyle related issues usch as smoking, coffee, sun, hot and dry air.

The Right Make-Up For Couperose Skin?: 

1. Choose the colour of your foundation carefully. Beige with a hint of green pigment neutralizes redness. Avoid reddish tones, which emphasize the high skin tone even more.

2. Avoid using blusher and lipstick in cool, pink tones and eyeshadow in blue or purple tones, which highlight any redness in the skin.

3.If your foundation does not provide cover then a concealer in a beige shade can be used either over foundation (for mild redness) or under foundation (for severe redness).

4. Or, better still, use the new Anna Lotan Premium B.B Cream!!

How does Anna Lotan Care for Fragile Skin ?

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