New Product Announcements

More products move to the Airless Pump dispenser

Greens Wrinkle Relaxing Balm 30 ml (407) is the latest product to move to the new Airless Pump Dispenser.

Other recent migrations have been:  

Barbados Air Calming Balm 75 ml (792) 

CLEAR Provit Cream Mask 150 ml (4153) 

Lightening Care Ester C Concentrate 15 ml (794) 

Liquid Gold Triple Benefit Day Cream 250 ml (4152) 

New Age Control Revitalizing AHA Face Lotion 100 ml (248)

An airless pump uses an innovative technology to dispense its contents. Instead of the traditional style “plunger” pump & straw, which pushes air into the container to force the product outward, an airless dispenser uses the concept of a vacuum & piston. When the pump is pressed, a piston on the bottom of the container pushes the product upward and out of the orifice. The airless pump offers two primary benefits.

First, this process avoids contaminating the product with air. Air and sunlight are two of the most damaging factors when dealing with sensitive ingredients. Skin lightening ingredients such as Kojic Acid and Arbutin, for example, easily oxidize with air and can lose their efficacy.

 Although the manufacturing cost may be slightly higher, the airless system provides optimal protection for sensitive ingredients that can easily oxidize with extended exposure to air or light.

Secondly, and perhaps equally important from the client perspective, this kind of pump allows for the full contents of the container to be dispensed whereas more traditional methods have tended to leave some residues behind.



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