Foundation Makeup

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.
 - Calvin Klein   

Makeup Foundations are the basis for decorative makeup and are designed to give good coverage, an even skin tone and a velvety skin appearance. 

In the same way that the white base of a canvas serves the painter, foundation creams contain Titanium dioxide (or Zinc oxide) which serve as the base for the addition of Iron Oxide combinations to provide different foundation shades. They are usually emulsion type formulations, enriched with a generous addition of powder components.

The particle size of the powdered pigments typically used in foundations is around 300 microns.   This size will give perfect coverage.  By comparison, the micronized particle size of the mineral powders used in sunscreens is usually a lot smaller - around 15-20 micron – which hardly provides any coverage, but rather becomes transparent when applied to the skin in an emulsion base.

Anna Lotan Treatment Makeup offers various formulations as functional foundations for different skin types:  

Oil Free Formula (570-1),designated for the treatment of oily, problem skin, is not an emulsion, but rather asuspension of powder particles in an astringent solution. When the solution is absorbed, the powder particles remain on the skin to cover imperfections and absorb excess oil from skins surface.

Pressed Finishing Powder (6150-2) is ideal for “shiny” combination or oily skin. Can be applied with a moist or dry sponge, to give an even coverage, absorbs shine, leaving an elegant 'matte' appearance.

Botanical Non-Oily (501-3), A mild, low oil formulation enriched with Aloe Vera extract to soothe delicate skin. It is formulated as an O/W emulsion and serves as an ideal foundation for delicate (seborrheic) combination skin.

Moisture Complex (3420-4) is an O/W emulsion enriched with a lipid phase that supports the barrier function, moisturizing components that give a long lasting comfortable coverage for  normal to dry skin, young as well as old.

Perfectone Powder Cream (111-116), is a concentrated Lipogel (anhydrous formulation) enriched with powder components to serve as a perfect coverage foundation for normal to dry skin.  Adheres well to the skin it provides long lasting coverage. Can be applied in layers, as needed, for correction during the day or evening. Unlike pressed or loose powder, it does not highlight small wrinkles making it ideal for mature, dehydrated skin.

Translucent Silk Powder (535 ) is a fine silky loose powder that serves as a setting powder for professional makeup giving oily and combination skin a long lasting, velvety appearance.

Concealing Powder Foundation (200-203 ), a mineral pigment loose powder that offers optimal coverage of imperfections such as uneven pigmentation, couperose  and acne blemishes. Combines easily with most care products – creating an excellent camouflage makeup.  

Premium B.B. Cream (329) is a “Three in One” multi-functional W/O formula providing an active anti-wrinkle effect, long-lasting moisturization, broad spectrum UV protection and a perfect, even skin tone.  Adheres well to the skin and looks fresh even hours after application. Due to the occlusive nature of the emulsion – avoid (everyday) use on oily skin with enlarged pores.

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