Rénova - The Best Friend Dry Skin can have

Dry skin is usually thin and delicate with barely visible pores, the sebaceous glands are less active and provide less moisture retaining components. This leads to accelerated evaporation of moisture through the skin, lack of elasticity and the premature appearance of fine lines. 
Anna Lotan Rénova  products were especially designed to renew and improve the hydro-lipid layer, supporting the skins barrier function and reducing evaporation. Their efficient long lasting protective quality improve the skins ability to cope with damaging environmental factors and prevent premature aging of the skin.

The pleasant effective moisturizing creams will enrich the skin with premium oils: Wheat Germ, Sesame, Squalane from Olive oil, phytosterols and with water binding components that naturally exist in the skin (such as hyaluronic acid, amino acids), Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, plant extracts, and vitamins such as A and E that act as free radical scavengers, preserving the quality of the enriching oils in the formulations.
  • Rénova Universal Cleansing Gel

  • Rénova Facial Toner

  • Rénova Dry Skin Balm

  • Rénova Bio Peptide Essence

  • Rénova Retinol Active Treatment

  • Rénova Retinol Capsules

  • Rénova Beauty Mask

  • Rénova Enriched Shea Butter

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