Professional Care for Normal to Dry Skin

The condition of the skin is dynamic and subject to constant change. It is both age related and influenced by lifestyle, nutrition and the degree of expsoure to environmental hazards. In reality, the skin type known as "Normal" is invariably skin in transition. It is no longer subject to the skin problems of adolessence and not, as yet, facing the problems more common with mature skin.

Pleasant and easy to use,  Anna Lotan Classic  provides what you need to maintain normal skin with tender loving care.

The Classic Care line is formulated for users that have yet to develop more defined characteristics such as "Sensitive", "Combination" or "Dry" Skin. It serves a wide spectrum of users that do not have a specific condition such as acne or hyper-pigmentation. 

Pleasant and easy to use,  Anna Lotan Classic  provides what you need to maintain normal skin with tender loving care, offering efficient hygiene, softening emollients, effective antioxidants and reliable environmental protection.
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  • Classic Pearl Mask

  • Classic Lipo Soft Cream

  • Classic Day & Night Protective Butter

  • Classic Pomegranate Serum with Ester C

  • Classic Pampering Body Butter

  • Classic Micro Crystal Dermabrasion Peel

  • Classic Creamy Foaming Gel

  • Classic Enzymatic Gommage Peeling

  • Classic Mineral Splash

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