Quality & Safety

 Product Quality and Safety are our first priority, for our clients, our agents and our employees.

Anna Lotan is IQNet Certified In order to achieve this goal and ensure continued compatibility with our customer requirements, in compliance with:

      ·        The Israel Ministry of Health;

      ·        EU Directive 76/768/EEC;

      we have adopted and are certified to the following standards: 

      ·        ISO 9001:2008;

      ·        ISO 22716:2007  (cGMP);

  •    Anna Lotan embraces the Constant Improvement principle in products, services and all other
       company activities. We believe that this principle is the key to the customer satisfaction which is
       at the heart of our commercial success and which leads us to an ever stronger and more influential
       position in the global cosmetic market.

    ISO22716    IQNet ISO22716    ISO9001   IQNet ISO9001

    Copies of our current ISO Certification can be provided on request.  

  •    Our processes and systems are continuously evaluated to ensure consistently high product quality,
       consistency and compliance with these standards.  We aspire to the constant improvement of our
        processing methods, products and control systems.

  •    All company employees and directors are committed to these quality and safety standards, throughout
       their domain.

  •    Simultaneously, we also place these same quality demands on all our suppliers and agents, throughout
       the world.

  •    We further understand that employee satisfaction is an essential and necessary element of the quality
       assurance process.

  •    Our company nurtures and encourages an effective and direct communication system for both our
       customers and employees.

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