The Anna Lotan Skin Care Partner Program


Skin Care is no longer a luxury!  Environmental stresses and an increasingly aging population now, more than ever, create the need for preventative treatments and excellent functional skin care products. 

 It is our goal to offer the professional skin care community an appropriate selection of functional products in order to meet this need and to provide the education necessary to ensure their optimal use. 

 Join the Anna Lotan Skin Care Partner Program -

Membership has its rewards!  

From the moment you, as a skin care professional, introduce Anna Lotan products into your treatment portfolio, it is the start of a long and mutually rewarding relationship. We become Partners in jointly providing the best level of care possible for your clients. 

However, it takes more than just excellent products to maintain a Successful Partnership, we also recognize and address your other fundamental needs. 

√ Established Vendor: 

We are a recognized global brand, with a proven forty year pedigree of formulating exclusive professional skin care products to meet your and your clients needs.

√ Outstanding Products

Acknowledged worldwide as skin care specialists of choice, our products offer you proven, effective results.  In the true spirit of our founder, Ms. Anna Lotan, our professional formulators strive to understand and follow the natural processes related to the skins metabolism, using them to their advantage rather than working against them.

√ Superior Quality:Anna Lotan is ISO Certified  

When resources are limited, your best spend should always reflect the values of quality and performance.  The quality and performance of Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care is equal or superior to that of the leading US and European Brands.  We are ISO 9001 and cGMP certified to ensure the highest manufacturing standards.

√ Exceptional Value

As a Skin Care Professional, you know that sacrificing product quality to reduce costs will never deliver the best results.  As an Israeli based company, we do not encounter the higher operational costs faced by those same US and European Skin Care manufacturers.  This allows us to meet your product cost goals, without the need to sacrifice your product quality requirements.

√ No Competing Retail Channels

Too many professional skin care companies today are opening retail/e-tail channels to increase their product sales revenues, not yours!  Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care is only available to, and through, skin care professionals like yourself*.  Your clients need and deserve the best professional advice and products available regarding their ongoing home care regimen, yours!  And, you deserve the revenue benefits.  Why give those opportunities to someone else? 

 The Anna Lotan Experience:

Simple step-by-step instructions, with sufficient product quantities to cover three full treatments, make the new Anna Lotan Professional Experience kits the perfect way for you to discover and explore the true essence of Anna Lotan, at first hand.

√ Simple Pricing Structure

We like to keep things simple. There are no complex pricing and discount structures, so typical with many other companies.  What you see, is what you pay. 

√ No Minimum Order Quantity

Nor are there any minimum order quantities!  We will ship what you want, when you want it, whether it's one or one hundred items. 

√ Sensible Shipping Costs

We normally ship by Express Mail (EMS), the most cost effective method of ensuring that you receive safe, speedy delivery.  And, all Skin Care Partner orders of $1,000 or more receive Free Shipping.

√ Free Samples with Every Order

Every order valued at over $100 will also include, as our gift to you, up to 5% of the order value in free product samples, allowing you and your clients to explore the full Anna Lotan range at no risk. 

√ Secure Online Ordering

As an Anna Lotan Skin Care Partner, you can place your Professional order for our products whenever and however is most convenient for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

√ Treatment Protocols:

Easy to follow, comprehensive treatment protocols, complete with ongoing home care recommendations, help you deliver the very best treatment results and service to your clients. 

√ Esthetician Support Channel:

Fast Path Access to the Anna Lotan in house Partner Support team for help with any product or business questions that may arise.

√ In depth Product Information:  

√ And Much, much more ....

Register today *, without any obligation, and discover a whole new world of Anna Lotan Professional Skin Care.

*Please note that Registration in the Anna Lotan Skin Care Partner Program requires you to provide a copy of your professional licence in order to verify your Professional status. 

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