Social Responsibility

Anna Lotan follows socially responsible business practices, uses cruelty free, natural, renewable resources and supports both environmental and social programs which empower people to improve their lives. 


Emily Griffith Opportunity School 

We are both proud and honored to support the Esthetician Program at the Emily Griffith Opportunity School, Denver, Colorado.

Emily Griffith logoThe Emily Griffith Opportunity School is Colorado’s most unique technical college. They offer an extensive curriculum including over 500 courses, establishing their reputation for being one of the region’s most diverse learning environments. They have assisted over 1.5 million students since inception.
Emily Griffith Opportunity School

The school was founded over 90 years ago, and still uses the motto coined by Emily Griffith herself:

For all who wish to learn .... and dare to dream.

They welcome anyone, regardless of age, race or education level, who wants to expand their horizons and chart their own course for success. 


How much do you know about "Hands Only" CPR?

The British Heart Foundation is urging people to forget "mouth-to-mouth" and to concentrate on chest compressions when performing CPR.
The official position of the BHF is now that anyone who does not have CPR training should ignore the kiss of life in favour of hard and fast compressions in the centre of the chest.
Hollywood hardman Vinnie Jones stars in this British Heart Foundation TV advert urging more people to carry out CPR in a medical emergency. "Hard and fast Hands-only CPR" can help save the life of someone who has had a cardiac arrest.

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